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Renaud Louis-Servais is a French guitarist born in 1972.

He has collaborated in particular with Philippe SAISSE (David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Al Di Meola, Chaka Khan ...), Virgil DONATI (Steve Vai, Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale ...), Christophe CRAVERO (Billy Cobham, Jean-Marie Ecay , Didier Lockwood ...), Doudou WEISS (Johnny Hallyday, Magma, William Sheller ...), Françoise PUJOL (National Jazz Orchestra, 1st prize "Jazz à la Défense" competition), David ELLEFSON (Megadeth) or Chris WALKER ( Al Jarreau).

In 2018, Renaud designed the Fifty Plugged Guitars project, a musical concept seeking from electric guitars to approximate the sounds of classical string orchestras (violins, cellos, etc ...).

Recognized pedagogue, he has been the teacher of more than 500 students in France and abroad, in particular Tina S (France, 21 years old, more than 150 million YouTube views), Callum The Heavy Metal Kid (Australia, 14 years old, finalist of Australia Got Talent) or Daniela Villareal (Mexico, 20, guitarist of The Warnings).

He regularly hosts masterclasses about improvisation and instrumental technique, series of online guitar lessons (Guitar-Live, iMusicSchool) and acts as a teacher for magazines such as Guitar Extreme and Guitarist Magazine.

    Has provided at least 5 videos of his work and keeps doing it on a regular basis

Renaud Louis-Servais

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