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On this very page, enjoy an extensive selection of guitar videos by E-TAR BUS'WWL.


What does WLL mean? WWL is basically for "other good musician's stuff" but it can be yours too! No big secret here, guitar players love hearing about other good musicians, some are even their longtime heroes. Among, guitar masters play a role model to the younger generation when watching their performances truly can arise vocations. 


Our world today holds a wide range of amazing guitar expressions, providing brio, subtle play and deep musicality. Behind every single guitar performance, one can easily feel the passion and hours of dedication with hard practice.


This is actually why E-TAR BUS was launched and why it devotes its platform, not only for the enjoyment of art, something that is in great need these days but also and more important because a guitar dedicated network can provide a targeted exposure to outstanding guitar skills.

Make sure to check our contributors' outstanding work!

(see from the MEDIA submenu on top of this page)

And if you too are an outstanding guitar player, come on board,

join the E-TAR BUS community

and feel free to share your own stuff

or ask for it.

That simple. There will be no shortlist and no competition either on what we feel can be a unique e-festival. And remember: "YOUR E-TAR BUS IS WHATEVER YOU MAKE IT!"

Image by Kaeli  Hearn



Every good musician should be granted

a festival exposure.

Image by Afonso Coutinho
bus seul.PNG
Image by Krys Amon
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