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Embark on

dedicated platform

where guitar lovers

from around the world

can gather

and acknowledge

your guitar skills.

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E-TAR BUS is a unique Virtual Guitar Festival dedicated to all kind of guitars and all kinds of music genres.

Why for?

Because “Every good musician should be granted his/her own festival exposure.”

With a similar playing experience to Live Venues, E-TAR BUS aims to be the friendliest place for all guitar addicts: from young talents to maestros, from guitar pioneers to guitar legends, embark on a dedicated platform where guitar lovers from around the world can gather and acknowledge your guitar skills.”

No shortlist and no competition either: posting music videos on our Facebook page is absolutely free and will enable a targeted exposure to your work.


This e-festival is open to all guitar (or guitar alike) performers: on classical, folk, acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, dobro, ukulele, lute, oud, mandolin, guitarolin, cigar box, else… All bass players are welcome, should it be on electric, jazz, fretless, stick, 10strings guitar…).


E-TAR BUS welcomes ALL music genres: from acoustic to electric, classical to  progressive, folk to ethnical, latin, jazz, fusion, funk, blues, rock, pop, metal… Whatever your passion, the best stuff on E-TAR BUS is yours!


With this in mind, do not hesitate to post your demo videos. E-TAR BUS is THE place where afficionados will love to be back often and support a mutual world of guitar verves.


Only we invite our followers to observe these simple rules:


-    Our Facebook page is dedicated to guitar playing, it sounds quite obvious. Though we do understand that you may have to post videos showing your band in the background, please make sure that your video has a true FOCUS on GUITAR PLAY. 

-    Please no instruments, amps or accessories sales on our network. We hope everyone to be cooperative on this especially as we would like to see the E-TAR BUS page a peaceful place for talent, free expression and fun. Note: unsolicited ads will be removed without prior notice.


Let’s make E-TAR BUS… FESTI-VIRAL: Subscribe, stay safe and have fun supporting amazing guitar performances from around the world.

Thank you ALL!

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